Spiritual Healing

Spiritual healing is a method of healing which may be practiced by members of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers (NFSH). This may include laying on of hands or working slightly away from the physical body and working on the patient's aura. Anybody may receive spiritual healing. It is not a religious practice and so may be received by anyone of any religious denomination or creed.

Linda Beattie (the founder of Holistics Ltd), is a full member of the NFSH. She has been a member for nine years and became a full healer following the initial probationary period of two years. Linda never advises on medical matters and her healing is completely non-diagnostic. She never advises patients against their doctor's advice and would stress that they must continue to take any medication prescribed by their medical advisor.

People who come to her for spiritual healing are reminded that Linda is a member of the NFSH and as such, follows a strict code of conduct. When giving healing to a male patient, another person must be present in the room. No clairvoyant or psychic matters may be discussed whilst the patient is receiving healing.

Linda has a great love of animals and extends her healing to them. She has a natural affinity with dogs and has had great success in healing them.


Distant Healing

Distant healing (sometimes called 'absent healing') is a method of healing which can be very effective. The spiritual healer offers healing thoughts to anyone he or she knows to be in need of healing. This is something that the healer may do at the same time every day.

Linda has a book of healing thoughts, which is available for you to put names of family and friends who are in need of distant healing. This book is referred to every day and healing thoughts sent out to those in need.

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Personal Healing Crystals

Are you aware of the healing power of crystals? Crystals are millions of years old and contain a great deal of energy. Healing crystals are often used as an extra tool during healings and can be used to give positive energy.

Linda personally cleanses and programs healing crystals. These remove negativity, leaving only positive energy.