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'Simply Psychic' (£9.99)

A down-to-earth explanation of something very special.

'The main reason for writing this book is that I dearly wanted to share my psychic experiences, which have in some cases, changed my life. So many books on psychic matters do not explain in layman's terms how the psychic gift works. I really wanted to make this book something which anybody could read, whether they have belief in psychic phenomena or not.'

'Sensible Shoes and Big Knickers' (£9.99)

Reading this book may result in your reminiscing 'til it gets absolutely 'sick making'!

It could make you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder where that 'other person' has gone. It could make you remember what you did forty-five years ago - for instance your first day of school - but not remember what it was you decided to cook for dinner this evening.

You may have the awful realisation that you are wearing sensible shoes and big knickers.

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